Rory Magrath

Inclusive Masculinities in Contemporary Football: Men in the Beautiful Game (Routledge, 2017)

Based on unprecedented access to Premier League academies, this book explores the changing attitudes towards homosexuality among young, professional footballers in the game today. 

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Praise for Inclusive Masculinities in Contemporary Football 

"Read it! As a former footballer and current sport scientist I appreciate this book for a number of reasons. It is an important work as it provides new ways to view, analyze and discuss contemporary male football -inside as well as outside of academia. We must be aware of and take into account the shifting (as well as prevailing) nature of masculinity constructions and power relations within male football." - Marie Larneby, IdrottsForum.

"Magrath’s well-written and easily accessible monograph offers a more optimistic outlook on masculinities through examining the quasi-elite terrain of British academy football" - Adam White, University of Bedfordshire.


Eric Anderson, Rory Magrath and Rachael Bullingham

Out in Sport: The Experiences of Openly Gay and Lesbian Athletes in Competitive Sport (Routledge, 2016)

This book represents the most comprehensive examination of the experiences of gays and lesbians in sport ever produced. Drawing on openly gay and lesbian athletes in the US and the UK, the book examines the experiences of out men and women at all levels of sport.

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Praise for Out in Sport

"This book includes some very useful material on women...Overall, a helpful contribution to an important topic." - Stuart Weir, Verité Sport.


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